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Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Laozi (or Lao Tzu)


Give a man a government or corporate job, and he'll eventually lose his house, because his so-called 'wife' will take that before anyone else does — 'wives' are actually tax collectors in disguise —, but the government and corporations will eventually take everything else he owns — governments and corporations are criminals in disguise you should be extremely wary of. You see, virtually all professions and sciences are government and corporation implicosophistry (29.08.2022; ie, fake employment), which keeps men working for the government and corporations like a slave, umm.., I mean like a 'citizen'. However, teach a man an ectoprofession or ectoscience, and he'll eventually fire both the government, and the corporations, since he'll conclusively prove they are both useless, even dangerous parasites.

Kaisiris Tallini (Laozi improved)


Give a good man a true connection to 

natural society, not implicosophistry

Below is a list of ectoprofessions and ectosciences which are practised, or are the academic field of study of at least one person:


  • Alethiologist (25.07.2022) — researcher of truth

  • Alethiomariologist (25.07.2022) — researcher of true Mariology

  • Alethiosoteriologist (25.07.2022) — researcher of true Soteriology

  • Autologist — sole specialist of Yourself (does anyone know you better than yourself?)

  • Axiologist — scientist of the ultimate nature of value

  • Biopsychologist [or Ectopsychologist (25.07.2022)] — applies biology to psychology

  • Deontologist — researcher of moral obligation

  • Ectojournalist (13.01.2021) and Ectohistorian (15.01.2021) — news and history outside of political biases

  • Ectolinguist (30.01.2021) and Ectolexicographer (12.09.2022) — societal and multisocietal linguistics (not tribal or political)

  • Ectoscientist (25.07.2022) [Cesidian spiritual scientist (29.11.2019)] — material and spiritual scientist

  • Epistemologist and Gnosiologist — the study, philosophy, and foundations of knowledge

  • Ethoeconomist (25.07.2022) [or Ectoeconomist (25.07.2022)] — alethiolexicologically (29.08.2022) societal and ethical economics [not politonomics (19.07.2020)]

  • Euthenist and Ethologist [Cesidian analytic theologian (16.02.2004)] — about improved, optimal, and ethical living conditions for humans, but also for their animals and plants

  • Noeticologist (25.07.2022) [or Ectobiologist (25.07.2022)] — specialist of true or ethical humans, not mere anthropoids or humanoids

  • Nomologist (25.07.2022) [Cesidian law (25.07.2003) expert] — true legal scientist

  • Salubriologist (11.02.2009) — authentic natural physician [not the pharmacology-based medicine practised by a salaribriologist (30.11.2017)]


You should understand what Kaisiris Tallini has rigourously proven: God does not play dice with the Universe, and actually Yehovah [יְהֹוָה] is not a casino dealer either. More about that in the reference article below.


Be wise, and don't depend on daemonic governments (fake societies) and their minion corporations (fake Roman tribes).


MT Kaisiris Tallini



Reference article


Ectoprofessionals and ectoscientists: analytic theologians are not professionals or scientists, strictly speaking





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