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in the beginning

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Odin the wanderer

Odin in the guise of a wanderer



In the beginning was the... Odin

  (Runic ᚢᚦᛁᚾ; Old Norse Óðinn; Old English Wōden;

  Old Saxon Wōdan; Old Dutch Wuodan;

  Old High German Wuotan; Old Bavarian Wûtan)


ᚩ byþ ordfruma         ælcre spræce,

wisdomes wraþu         and witena frofur,

and eorla gehwam         eadnys and tohiht.

The Rune Poem (verses 10–12), verses in Indeterminate Saxon


ōs byþ ordfruma ǣlcre sprǣce

wīsdōmes wraþu and wītena frōfur

and eorla gehwām ēadnys and tō hiht.

The Rune Poem (verses 10–12), verses in Old English


god is the origin of all language

wisdom's foundation and wise man's comfort

and to every hero blessing and hope.

The Rune Poem (verses 10–12), translated by Stephen Pollington


It should be noted that the Greek Hermes (Ἑρμῆς), besides being associated with Enoch ben Jared, and also associated with Shem ben Noah [Melchizedek], Jacob [Yisrael], and Jesus the Nazorean [Yeshua]; is in turn also associated with the Roman god Mercury; the Celtic Ogmios or Ogmius; the Irish and Scottish Ogma or Oghma; and the Germanic or Norse Odin or Óðinn.


So in the beginning was the Odin [ᚢᚦᛁᚾ], who the German composer Richard Wagner would have called the god Wotan, his own invented spelling which combines the Old High German Wuotan, with the Low German Wodan.


MT Kaisiris Tallini





Hermes and Odin are also associated with The Hermit tarot card, and with Saturn in Aquarius [1, 2].


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