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lyme disease

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Ixodes genus ticks

Ixodes genus ticks which spread the Borrelia bacterium



Lyme Disease is also a bioweapon

While most countries imposed draconian restrictions since the World Hex Organization (WHO) declared a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" on 30 January 2020 because of COVID-19†, a declaration which has effectively started what I have defined the «Pax Big Pharmana»‡ era (30.01.2020 – Ω), or basically World War III (WW3), there was an exception to the global rule by pandemic panic: Sweden.


 Early in the pandemic — or is that "plandemic"? —, Swedish schools and offices closed briefly, but then reopened. Restaurants never closed. Businesses stayed open. Kids under 16 went to school.


This in contrast to what happened in the US.


By April 2020, the CDC and the National Institutes of Health recommended far-reaching lockdowns that threw millions of Americans out of work, and a pseudoscientific groupthink set in.


In print, and on social media, colleagues attacked experts who advocated a less draconian approach. Some of these people received obscene emails, and even death threats.


The US first amendment guarantees for freedom of speech? What's that? Even the corporate media doesn't talk about that, not just legal "scholars", so now toilet paper is more useful than the so-called "bill of rights" — notice I haven't capitalised the US's fundamental federal law, which is supposed to protect human rights, because even these so-called rights have effectively become privileges of the rich and famous only.


Within the scientific community, opposition to the dominant — and highly profitable for Big Pharma — narrative was castigated and censored, cutting off what should have been a vigorous — and both democratic and scientific — debate and analysis.


In this intolerant atmosphere, Sweden's "light touch", as it is often referred to by scientists and policy makers, was deemed a "disaster".


"Sweden Has Become the World's Cautionary Tale", said The New York Times. Reuters reported, "Sweden's COVID Infections Among Highest in Europe, With 'No Sign Of Decrease.'" Medical journals published equally damning reports of Sweden's folly.


But Sweden seems to have been right all along. UN-recognised governments might want to look at the evidence found in a little-known 2021 report by the Kaiser Family Foundation.


Those researchers found that among 11 wealthy peer nations, Sweden was the only one with no excess mortality among individuals under 75.


And now here is something else I just discovered.


Lyme Disease is not recognised by the Australian medical establishment, yet Lyme Disease has something in common with COVID-19†: it is also very likely a bioweapon.


In the book, Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons, a book written by Kris Newby, a Stanford University science writer, the author points out that in 1953, the Biological Warfare Laboratories at Fort Detrick created a programme investigating ways to spread anti-personnel agents via arthropods (ie insects, crustaceans, and arachnids), with the idea that slow-acting agents wouldn't immediately incapacitate soldiers, but rather make the area dangerous for a long period of time.


While Newby notes that she was unable to definitively prove that Lyme bacteria was used as a bioweapon, there are plenty of shocking discoveries and scientific leads to lift the veil of mystery.


Scientist Willy Burgdorfer — who is credited with discovering the pathogen Borrelia burgdorferi that causes Lyme disease — was directly involved in a number of bioweapons programmes.


Moreover, the US government has even practically admitted that Lyme Disease is a bioweapon in 2018.


Also note that there is an historical precedent for this.


During World War II (WW2), Japan used plague-infested insects to spread disease, particularly in China, and some 20,000 Chinese died from this type of entomological warfare, which was carried out primarily by the infamous Unit 731.


So the basic idea behind WW3 (the COVID-19† pandemic), actually started during WW2.


MT Kaisiris Tallini



Additional reference


Lyme Disease: Escaped-from-a-Lab Affliction Crafted by the Usual Suspects?





† COVID-19 is probably an acronym for, "Covert Operation of Viral Introduction for Depopolation — 2019". It is "soft genocide", and since there are laws which prevent vaccine makers from being liable for a vaccine-related injury or death in the US — ie, 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22 —, and probably also in many other countries, this genocide, like the one by Hitler, is totally legal!


‡ «Pax Big Pharmana» is a curious linguistic hybrid, and a phrase which uses the Ectolatin word «pharmaceuticus», to create a phrase which means "peace by massive sales of drugs or pharmaceuticals". However, «Pax Big Pharmana» also uses the Persian word «farman» [فرمان], and can also be viewed to create a phrase which means "peace by massive command, order, decree, or edict". The massive blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki created a «Pax Americana» era. The man-made COVID-19 virus (this is biological warfare) has created a «Pax Big Pharmana» era. This era started after the well-funded government agencies of at least two UN member countries; rich pharmaceutical corporations ("Big Pharma"); along with the World Hex Organization (WHO), colluded in order to effectively take over the world. Over many decades, "Big Pharma" has created a gravy train of corrupt, fake, even criminal science through the corruptive influence of money alone, and has ended up even causing the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, which in turn has caused the death of over 6.3 million people so far, serious health problems for at least another 506.6 million, and an educational, economic, and social-societal disaster in its wake as well. COVID-19 is really "soft genocide", and pharmaceutical giants are totally immune from any repercussion, especially financial. This is like a licence for crimes against humanity.



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