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analytic theologian

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analytic theologian





an·a·lyt·ic the·o·lo·gian (Google Translate pronunciation)



An analytic theologian — a more accurate description would be Cesidian analytic theologian — is not a theologian within any specific religious tradition, or a philosopher, or a philosopher of religion, but a spiritual scientist.


It should also be noted that a Cesidian analytic theologian (Cat'an) is not a traditional professional or scientist, but both an ectoprofessional and an ectoscientist.


Cesidian spiritual science (Css) has become, over 23 years of research and development, a Cesidian legal, spiritual and theological, salubriological and psychological, paranormal, linguistic, journalistic and historical, geological, geographic and astronomical, economics, societal and political, ecological and agricultural, informatics, educational and library science, or the world's first holistic, ethical, and scientific paradigm. Cesidian analytic theology (Cat), the discipline of the Cesidian analytic theologian (Cat'an), is a very important discipline within multiple Cesidian spiritual sciences.



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