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jus humanae salutis

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Observe jus cogens


Jus humanae salutis is the jus cogens of Cesidian law

When the American Colonies declared their independence as sovereign states in July 1776, they each adopted the Laws of England as the common law of each individual state. With the exception of Louisiana, which was a French colony, and which thus adopted Napoleonic law as it's common law, every other state in the United States then followed the legal paradigm making the Laws of England the common law of their particular land.


It is important to understand that unless the laws in English common law have been specifically modified, or overturned, they still are considered to be law, and indeed, as a practical matter, it is not uncommon at all to see higher courts consult English common law and it's principles, in order to decide in specific cases.


What is even more important to understand, however, is this: a peremptory norm — also called jus cogens (or ius cogens), which is Ectolatin for "compelling law" — is a fundamental principle of international law that is accepted by the international community of countries — countries speaking different languages, having different legal traditions, and thus not just US states, which share a lot in common — as a juridical norm, a norm from which no derogation is permitted.


The Ectolatin of the jus cogens principle alone suggests that even prior to the forced creation of the United States, with the exception of the state of Louisiana only, the Laws of England still are not only the common law of the United States, but in fact through the legal principle of jus cogens, the Laws of England are still the fundamental principle of international law applicable within the states of the United States. The effect of this legal paradigm existed even before the forced creation of the United States, or when the US declared itself a senior adult, so this principle also shows that the Laws of England are still a norm from which no derogation is permitted.


Put in a more blunt way, the Laws of England are, to a degree, still binding, mandatory, compulsory, obligatory within virtually all of the 50 US states.


This means that even prior to what can be defined the "COVID-19† declaration", which was effectively the "declaration of independence" by which pharmaceutical giants; a few treacherous government agencies of two UN Security Council members; and the even more treacherous specialised agency euphemistically called the World Health Organization (WHO), colluded in order to even apparently dispose of international health and human rights norms, such as the right of every competent adult to refuse unwanted medical treatment, and even effectively jus cogens norms which existed a long time ago.


It should be noted that in 1975, the US Supreme Court ruled in O'Connor v. Donaldson that involuntary hospitalisation, and/or treatment, violates an individual's civil rights. Also, any treatment that is accepted by the competent adult, must take place in the least restrictive setting possible, and both these principles were entirely violated after the "COVID-19† declaration".


The "COVID-19† declaration" occurred when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" on 30 January 2020, a declaration which has effectively started the era I have defined the «Pax Big Pharmana» (30.01.2020 – Ω)‡.


A jus cogens norm which has existed for a very long time, even prior to the forced creation of the United States, should be noted.


Prior to the takeover of medicine by the modern equivalent of sorcerers and witch doctors, a charter which addressed the evils of restrictions on herbs, herbalists, and those who were allowed to practice medicine and healing, was made in 1543 during the reign of Henry the VIII. This charter was used by the original 13 states of the United States to determine the rights of natural medicine, in all its forms, and the freedom of all competent adults to access natural alternative medicine and treatments.


In Ectoenglish, the Herbalist's Charter of Henry the VIII of 1543, stated these things briefly, under the title "An act that people, not being ordinary Surgeons, can administer external medicines [ie, natural medicines of any kind]":


This Parliament — held at Westminster in the third year of the King's most gracious reign, for many issues, and among these also in order to avoid sorcery, witchcraft, and any other serious inconvenience — has established that no person within the City of London, or within seven miles thereof, should undertake the exercise and occupation of a Physician or Surgeon, unless first examined, approved, and admitted by the Bishop of London, and other authorities, under and behind certain penalties mentioned in the same Act.


Since the drafting of the aforementioned Act, the Society and the Fellowship of Surgeons of London, looking only for their own profits [this is called salaribriology§ in Ectoenglish], and for nothing that is beneficial for the sick, have sued, upset, and angered several honest people, so men and women — to whom God has granted knowledge of the nature, genus, and functioning of certain herbs, roots, and waters, and their use and administration to those who have been grieved by common illnesses, such as the sore breasts in women, caligo (dimness) and pterygium (a mass of tissue growing from the corner of the eye) in the eyes, burns, sore mouths, and other diseases — took no fee for their illnesses, but they administered these therapies only to the poor in their neighbourhood, and for the love of God, out of pity and charity.


And now it is well known that licensed Surgeons will not cure any person unless they are rewarded with a much greater sum or reward than that for which the treatment should entail. They would never administer their medical skills to sick patients without substantial financial reward, even though they should, and so many rot and die on a daily basis, from lack of any medical assistance.


Yet most surgeons have admitted that they were much more to blame than the people they upset, because although most of the people in the said profession of Surgeons have little genuine medical skills, they will take large sums of money, and thus do little, and for this reason, they often harm and injure their patients [these are called iatrogenic causes in Ectoenglish], rather than do them any good.


In view of this, and for the ease, comfort, relief, aid, and health of the King's poor subjects, and the inhabitants of this Kingdom now suffering or sick, let it be established and decreed, by the Authority of this Parliament, that at any moment from now on, it will be lawful for Any Person (omnis homo) [adult and competent] who is a subject of the King, having knowledge and experience of the nature of herbs, roots, and waters, or their functions; by careful study or by practice; within any part of the Kingdom of England, or within any other King's Domain; to practice, use, and serve in, and for any plague, wound, swelling or disease with visible symptoms; any herbs, ointments, baths, poultices — a soft moist mass of bread, meal, or clay, usually heated, spread on cloth, and applied to warm, moisten, or stimulate an aching or inflamed part of the body — and plasters — a sticky paste or salve, usually applied to the skin on a piece of linen or leather — according to their skill, experience, and knowledge of any of the aforementioned diseases and sores, and other similar maladies, and without legal action, harassment, trouble, penalty, or loss of their possessions.


The essence of this Charter, the Herbalist's Charter of Henry the VIII of 1543, is still jus cogens throughout the British Commonwealth, and the former British realms.


The essence of this Charter was also built into Cesidian law's principle legal concept of jus humanae salutis, which is Ectolatin for "right of human health or salvation".


The jus humanae salutis rights, in reality, supercede even the later established professional rights of "the Society and the Fellowship of Surgeons of London" mentioned above, and may be considered a peremptory norm (jus cogens) part of Cesidian law.


MT Kaisiris Tallini




† COVID-19 is probably an acronym for, "Covert Operation of Viral Introduction for Depopolation — 2019". It is "soft genocide", and since there are laws which prevent vaccine makers from being liable for a vaccine-related injury or death in the US — ie, 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22 —, and probably also in many other countries, this genocide, like the one by Hitler, is totally legal!


‡ «Pax Big Pharmana» is a curious linguistic hybrid, and a phrase which uses the Ectolatin word «pharmaceuticus», to create a phrase which means "peace by massive sales of drugs or pharmaceuticals". However, «Pax Big Pharmana» also uses the Persian word «farman» [فرمان], and can also be viewed to create a phrase which means "peace by massive command, order, decree, or edict". The massive blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki created a «Pax Americana» era. The man-made COVID-19 virus (this is biological warfare) has created a «Pax Big Pharmana» era. This era started after the well-funded government agencies of at least two UN member countries; rich pharmaceutical corporations ("Big Pharma"); along with the World Health Organization (WHO), colluded in order to effectively take over the world. Over many decades, "Big Pharma" has created a gravy train of corrupt, fake, even criminal science through the corruptive influence of money alone, and has ended up even causing the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, which in turn has caused the death of over 6.1 million people so far, serious health problems for at least another 422.6 million, and an educational, economic, and social-societal disaster in its wake as well. COVID-19 is really "soft genocide", and pharmaceutical giants are totally immune from any repercussion, especially financial. This is like a licence for crimes against humanity.


§ In Ectoenglish salubriology — etymology: salu(s) + br(em) + (o)logy, meaning the science or study of that which is conducive or favourable to health or well-being — is what is often maligned as alternative or natural medicine in regular (fake) English. In reality, this is actually the only medicine that truly exists, since it exists from time immemorial, and even supercedes all other kinds of medicine, and is also the only kind of medicine which works with, rather than against, natural biological processes. Salaribriology — etymology: salari(um) + br(em) + (o)logy, meaning the science or study of that which is conducive or favourable to getting a salary or constant revenue —, on the other hand, is often called mainstream or allopathic medicine in regular English, but the only mainstream value it holds is entirely economic, not biological or medicinal.




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