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Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Lying media


'Ectomedia' superior to CNN, WINS–AM, or the NYT

An entirely new world, a 'Newest World' hasn't been "discovered", but has been literally created 'out of the blue skies and sea', and the evidence for the 7th region, for the GEO (Global Earth Oceans) or 'ectopolitan' region of the world can only be dismissed by the usual fake media propagandists, but soon even they are going to be 'thrown in the ocean' — an Ectoenglishⓔ metonym for the English register's "thrown under the bus" idiomatic phrase, but which actually means 'to be disposed of peacefully, ie without ill-intent, deceit, or treachery'.


The realisation has even shocked me, and I'm a person who is hard to surprise.


I can't believe that I actually wrote the piece below, but it proves that not only 'ectopolitan' culture — ie entirely outside of politics or even the UN system, that entirely wayward paradigm to the civilisation paradigm — is superior to any of the zoos' cultures on this planet; but 'ectomedia' is also superior to CNN (video), WINS–AM or 1010 WINS–New York (radio), or The New York Times (print). The interpreters of the latter groups are better known as yellow journalism (en-US) or tabloid journalism (en-GB) manufacturers, but interpreters of this paradigm are also known as «기레기» (giregi) in Korean, «Lügenpresse» in German, «puttanazze» in Italian, and even «zoccole» in Neapolitan.


The piece below is, in my view, a "masterpiece of 'ectomedia'", and it clearly shows the tripe the rich, corporate, and lying media put us through daily, and without even the least societal commentary, criticism, or public resistance to boot!


It is clear that the only true extremist today is of the corporate media supremacist variety. All the other individual and ethnic extremists are pale by comparison to the corporate media supremacists, and their publisher or academic, 'allied wolfish fangs'. In fact, even 'wolf pastors' today of the Aristotelian Christianity (Thomism) variety use the lying media to project their own cluelessness about truly divine, god-like, or 'ectopolitan' things, which only the Word or Logos truly knows anything about, for he is even coiner of the Word mentioned in John 1:1.


Unlisted extremist group: white supremacist media



MT Kaisiris Tallini




About 'ectomedia' and ectolanguages


All readers should note that the Logos of Ectoenglishⓔ, but also of any other active ectolanguage, is Kaisiris Tallini since the start of the Cesidian revolution on 29 December 2020 [CMT format: Z2Π30N2020•020; Curiosity sol day: 3068].


It should be noted that the Oxford English Dictionary; the Accademia della Crusca; the Académie française; the האקדמיה ללשון העברית [Academy of the Hebrew Language]; the Pontificia Academia Latinitatis (Pontifical Academy for Latin); the Κέντρον Ελληνικής Γλώσσας (Center for the Greek Language); the 国家语言文字工作委员会 (State Language Work Committee); the National Institute of the Korean Language (국립국어원/國立國語院); the Council for German Orthography (Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung); the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (国立国語研究所); the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa, Classe de Letras; the Russian Language Institute (Институт русского языка); the Association of Spanish Language Academies; the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (Viện Hàn lâm Khoa học xã hội Việt Nam), and any other related language regulator or academy will neither be consulted, nor heard concerning any active ectolanguage, and the Logos of the Ectolanguage Organism ⓔⓛⓞ is the sole Logos for ⓞoɔƨooɈɔɘ or Ectooscan, his personal creation.


Also note that the ⓔ, ⓘ, ⓕ, ⓗ, ⓛ, ⓖ, ⓞ, ⓩ, ⓚ, ⓓ, ⓙ, ⓟ, ⓡ, ⓢ, and ⓥ symbols, shall be the exclusive, Solar System-wide symbols of Ectoenglish, Ectoitalian, Ectofrench, Ectohebrew, Ectolatin, Ectogreek, Ectooscan, Ectochinese, Ectokorean, Ectogerman, Ectojapanese, Ectoportuguese, Ectorussian, Ectospanish, and Ectovietnamese respectively.


The ⓤ symbol was used in the past for UMMOA or UGV English, before it was clear that it was really an entirely new creature, or an ectolanguage like Ectoenglishⓔ, and the ⓤ symbol shall continue to be used for ectohistorical purposes.


The ⓟⓜ symbol stands for Print Monopoly, which means the contents may not be copied without permission in any language or ectolanguage. Note that the Author may also reserve some scientific, mathematical, or computer language-based rights with the ⓟⓜ symbol.


About the Newest World


The Old World Greek navigators knew, is made up of Europe, Asia, and Africa.


The New World other European navigators made us collectively aware of, is made up of the Americas, Australia, and Antarctica.


The three primary colours are red, green (or lime), and blue, representing the Americas, Australia, and Europe respectively.


The three secondary colours are cyan (or aqua), yellow, and magenta (or fuchsia), representing Antarctica, Asia, and Africa respectively.


The 'Newest World' only 'ectonavigators' are aware of today, is made of the seventh or Global Earth Oceans (GEO) region, which is no longer strictly Iand-, or continental land mass-based. Besides a point in the Adriatic Sea known as Cyberterra (43°0'0" North; 15°0'0" East), there is such a thing geologically as non-continent geography, also known as a part of 'ectogeography', which can even be based on volcanic rock known as basalt, also known as non-continental oceanic crust. For example: the island of Fort San Jose (Independent Principality of Islet of Pontinha). Moreover, the 'Newest World' actually extends from the seas and oceans of the planet, to the internet, even into outer space, and beyond low Earth orbit (LEO).


The 'Newest World' truly represents what connects the Old World to the New World, and what connects 'ectopolitans' to each other today, or the seas and oceans for regular navigators, and the internet for 'ectonavigators'.


The 'Newest World' is also represented by its own tertiary colour: teal (#008080), or to be more precise, it is actually Cesidian teal (#007F7F).




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