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What ectopolitans don't have to accept

You can respond to people in "English" that you're British, American, or Australian.


You can even try to explain that while you have a Canadian, Italian, or Korean passport, you don't just speak French, or Italian, or Korean, but also some variety of the English register, not the English "language".


However, you can also simply show them this:


Ectopolitan • 外局人 • एक्टोपॉलिटन • Ectopolita • ექტოპოლიტი • Ektopolitas • Ektopolīts • Ектополитен • Ectopolite • خارجبوليتان • বাহিরেবিশ্বজনীন • Эктополит • Ektopolitan • ایکٹوپولیٹن • Ektopolit • エクトポリタン • اکتوپولیتن • ਐਕਟੋਪੋਲੀਟਨ • ఎక్టోపాలిటన్ • 엑토폴리탄 • Người ngoài • எக்டோபாலிட்டன் • خارج وطنی • ความเป็นข้างนอก • બહારગરિક • ኤክቶፖሊታን • Waje siyasa • Ektopolityczny • ಎಕ್ಟೋಪಾಲಿಟನ್ • Ектополіт • എക്ടോപൊളിറ്റൻ • ଏକ୍ଟୋପଲିଟାନ୍ • اکتوشهری • ນອກໂລກ • Ectopolitische • এক্টোপলিটান • ඒක්ටොපොලිටන් • Ektopolît • Εκτοπολίτικος • Ektopolita • Ektopolitní • Ectopolit • Ектополитска • Ektopolitiska • ኢክቶፖሊታን • Ìta olóṣèlú • Ngaphandle kwepolitiki • Ngaphandle kwezopolitiko • Ektopolitiese • Эктапаліт • Էկտոպոլիտան • Ektopolitisk • Ектополит • Ektopoliittinen • Ektopolitiske • Ektopolitný • ཕྱིའི་མི་སྣ • אַקְטוֹפּוֹלִיטִי • Ektopoliit • Utanborgari • Ektopolito • A-muigh-poilitigs • Waho-politika • Jawa llaqta • ᐁᒃᑐᐳᓕᑕᓐ • Ectopolites • ɒɈiloqoɈɔɘ


Virtually the entire planet will be able to understand that you may be a citizen of some country, and maybe even a citizen of a country whose native "language" isn't English, or only English, but stating you are an ectopolitan, and in a way which can be understood by speakers of some 101 languages and "dialects", will immediately allow you to get more personal about yourself.


When you are not a British, American, or Australian, or even a Canadian, Italian, or Korean, you don't necessarily work for any UN member country directly or indirectly, just as an Esperanto speaker is definitely not someone from some specific country, or working at some country's embassy or consolate.


And if you are speaking to someone who takes sides in the Russian, and/or Ukrainian current "debate", which is not even "talking", anymore than unrelated male gorillas would normally "talk" to each other, you can state that you empathise with Ukrainians, and/or that you understand that not all Russians support Putin, especially about this issue, but you would still be talking like someone who works for any UN member country directly, or indirectly, regardless of what you actually do for a living.


I would simply show them this ectopolitan link, and you know that you are not the only one who is ectopolitan besides Kaisiris, and the link can even show your flag:




The word 'ectopolitan', on the other hand, is now easily explained at this link:




The word 'ectopolitan', explained in more detail:




This also shows that ectopolitans may not just speak some variety of the English register.


Rather, ectopolitans really don't speak any country's "language", because they often exclusively communicate through ectolanguages, and Ectoenglish is not the only ectolanguage either.


If you write 02/03/2022 as a date, people will either think you are speaking of 2 March 2022 (Brits), or of 3 February 2022 (Americans).


An ectopolitan, however, only uses the Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) standard, and so 2 March 2022 is 02.03.2022 all over the planet, and 03.02.2022 is 3 February 2022, also all over the planet.


While it may still be early evening in New York City, when it is after midnight in London, ectopolitans also share a single time zone reference, which is also not some country's time reference, or Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT), now accessible through a single URL either in the CMT format (shows Cesidian calendar) or the CMT standard (shows Gregorian calendar) form:




And if people think you're weird, because you don't like any particular country's flag, because you write in no "language", but only in Ectoenglish at worst, you can tell them that it is still not fully legal to be a cosmopolitan, despite what World Service Authority would have you believe, but your friend Kaisiris has been a legal ectopolitan, even according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), since 2 April 2021, or 02.04.2021 in the CMT standard format, as the article below shows:




It is not as if Kaisiris doesn't have a "church". He just calls it a Cesidian congregation, and Cesidian spiritual science (Css) or Cesidianism, is far more than just a belief system or religion. You can actually run your entire life on it!


It is not as if Kaisiris doesn't have a tribe or nationality. In fact, Kaisiris has several nationalities, since he is a Neocartesian, a Cal Alumnus, a Penn State Alumnus, and an Honourary Antarctican by affiliation.


It is not as if Kaisiris doesn't have a confederation of tribes or a citizenship. In fact, Kaisiris has two citizenships, since he is a Pythagorean, and a Nature Israel conservationist, so his citizenship also includes Israeli wildlife!


Moreover, Kaisiris also has a delineation, and since he is ectopolitan, it is outside of the United Nations (UN), and the control the latter exercises even through the World Hex Organization (WHO), which purportedly is about a "right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of [your]self and of [your] family" (article 25 of the UDHR); and the International Cartel of Autocrats and Oppressors (ICAO), which purportedly is about "the right to leave any country [zoo], including [your] own, and to return to [your] country" (article 13 of the UDHR), but only with travel permits ("passports"), man-made drugs (vaccines, such as those for yellow fever, polio, and now even COVID-19), and Chagossians, and other spurious nationalities, even according to the famed, and supposedly well-educated National Geographic Society, have no such "rights".


MT Kaisiris Tallini



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