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ec·to·pol·i·tan (Google Translate pronunciation)



A word which comes from the Greek, and describes a person outside of politics altogether, a delineate (01.04.2018) of the world, rather than a citizen of the world.



An expatriate is a person residing in a country other than their native country or patria, often temporarily and for work-related reasons. An ectopolitan is an expatriate, spiritually and/or physically, to all countries or patriae.


Synonyms (ectonyms)


ectopolite | multisocietal (person) | exopatriate | delineate | unbounded (person) | outlying (person) | daimon | bodhisattva | omnificent (person) | god | tutelary deity | patron saint


Antonyms (enatonyms)


enatopolitan | enatopolite | cosmopolitan | cosmopolite | political (person) | expatriate | citizen | bounded (person) | neighbouring (person) | daemon | arahant | limited (person) | man | reckless/irresponsible person | bureaucrat/plutocrat 



Ectopolitan (01.01.2021) [A1Φ01A2021•247] {Curiosity sol day 3071} in other ectolanguages


Ectoitalianoⓘ: ectopolita (03.01.2021)


Ectofrançaisⓕ: ectopolite (17.01.2021)


(21.01.2021) אַקְטוֹפּוֹלִיטִי :ⓗאַקְטוֹעִבְרִית


Ectolatinaⓛ: ectopolites (21.01.2021)


Εκτοελληνικάⓖ: εκτοπολίτικος (17.01.2021)


(14.04.2021) ɒɈiloqoɈɔɘ :ⓞoɔƨooɈɔɘ


外中文ⓩ: 外局人 (05.01.2022)


엑토한국어ⓚ: 엑토폴리탄 (05.01.2022)


Ektodeutschⓓ: Ektopolit (21.01.2021)


エクトニホンゴⓙ: エクトポリタン (17.01.2021)


Ectoportuguêsⓟ: ectopolita (17.01.2021)


Экторусскийⓡ: эктополит (18.01.2021)


Ectoespañolⓢ: ectopolita (17.01.2021)


Ngoài tiếng việtⓥ: người ngoài (10.03.2022)



Additional references


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The natural antonym of ectopolitan is enatopolitan





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